Security By Design

The company network is the central nervous system of the business. It handles the internal communication, processes the financial transactions, and safeguards your priceless company data. Yet, many companies give little thought to protecting their network until after a critical data loss or security has been compromised.

Today's Company Security should focus on the following main issues:

Outside Intrusion (Hackers)

Data Leakage (Employees sharing sensitive data)

Viruses and Trojans

Securing Sensitive Customer Data & PCI Compliance

Network security starts with a combination of the correct hardware, software, as well as a system of policies and procedures implemented to safeguard the sizable investment you have made in your corporate data and network systems. The internet has become an integral part of today's business. We use it for customer communications, vendor orders, advertising, online banking, tax filing, credit card processing, e-commerce, and access to our company while off-site. Unfortunately it is also the number one source of computer data loss, hacking, intrusion, and credit card theft.

Let us help guide you through the maze of online computer security issues and help safeguard your business from the ever increasing threats facing companies today. By using the best of the industry's sophisticated technologies and firewalls, we can not only protect your business from internet threats, but help you securely utilize the internet to get the most value out of your current investment in computer technology.

Do you have multiple business locations you need to link? Do you have employees or officers that need to securely work from home. Talk to us about setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and adding Application Servers to solve these common needs. Hollywood Systems Solutions™ can link your multiple locations using secure VPN's in conjunction with your Firewall. Make your company data seamlessly available throughout your enterprise. Utilize application servers to let your officers safely access reports and contacts remotely and allow employees to work from home in a controlled environment using any device.